Take Me as i am

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I am the young crowd ….

I am the young crowd..

walking down the school hallway high fashion 

always trending , looking for a new trend start 

Looking for open arms cause i am unaware of myself…

We do things without thinking our excuse .. Were young, 

Young ? no, were stupid but our opinions are strong,

Stronger then the voice of our president, 

We stand for this nation’s future and our own , 

We are that mob just seeking for an ear to listen , 

To reach out to , to be understood but not misunderstood ,

I am the young crowd..

Yearning for the love of someone else .. someone who isn’t just a friend 

To young for love yeah..

But love know’s no age,

We were that parasite inside for nine months within that significant women ,

Leading up to their expectations .. what the world want us to be,

I am the young crowd,

living to a desire the hunger of a dream that we hold on to at night,

I am my own future… I live to no limits 

Together with you I am the Young crowd ..

hear my cry.


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The Progress…

As long as the strike of a minute on the hand of a clock… there it goes

The sensation of my blood pumping..

Pumping through my veins.. the rush of the cold chills on back like the bitter cold in december..

the feeling of loneliness ..waiting! for someone to come upon your way ..

the feeling of happiness.. the joy to have someone to brighten up your day just by the look of them..

the feeling that upholds your heart into the tinniest glance of light..

that light of love.. the feeling of wanting someone to be by yourside ..

Not a friend .. not a family member but someone you can lean on and show your affection towards them 

that warm joy ..summertime love <3 .. nothing like it 


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What is this ?

Oh God..this feeling 

Got myself against this wall.. these four walls wont do any good, 

Just a cut up tee shirt on 

Smelling like a flower in spring and here looking out my window I look ..

the sun is shining and the sky are bluer then ever before..

I go that summer time sadness I think I’ll miss you for ever 

Kiss me before you go .. summer time has caught me again 

That warm love .. the ocean breeze by the beach sipping on long islands, 

the night arrived and here i am a glass of rocks 

lonely will you be my savior ?

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Play wit it ..

You know that feeling when you fall in love ..everything stops and all you see is that one guy .. that one guy that takes your breath and you just capture that moment and replay it over and again in your head like a recorder…. then the first kiss ..(BOOM) a collapse of two different worlds come about unleashing one crazy journey. From that kiss you hope much more comes from it then just a single date and a simple text message… You sleep at night tossing and turning in your bed just thinking about him ..then you can’t just help it and text him . and he replies to you with the sweetest thing ever .. and a morning text dont you miss it ? … I miss it … that’s for sure love

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You are My reason…

I stand Here hopeless…

When will I ever find that one guy ..

You use to make me feel so alive..

like there’s no end of this perfected smashed pavement, 

I look into the full body glass mirror and next to me … You stand holding me in your arms whispering in my ears how much you love me …

And I just look at the reflection of us,

Now the Light from the window next to the bed where we just got done making love.. you loved every moment… your smile it brightens up this cruel dark sad world we live in ..

You are my reason why is that I still believe in true at least real love ..

The sky can crumble and take me down along with you and yet you stand there holding me..

Your energy feeds me … and I walk with pride hoping for someone better therefor You are my reason for why the way i am …

You are my reason

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My excuse…

Yeah ..its been a while since i passed by paper..
Im truly sorry ..is that i got caught up in the fast life..you know
Drugs..fashion..sex…social gatherings ..
My world colapse and in front of me what stands is just pieces of my shattered reflection..just there looking back at me..
Now tell me who will love me ..
Who will carry me in the night 
Whenever Im down i usually turn to me friends for a good time..
Or my good ole miss.MaryJ 
She’s never let me down..
Her leaves who We all love…
The ones we break apart from her stem
Break it down … Roll it up in a wrap.. Light it up and inhale its soothing outburst ..relaxing my body as every hit i take goes thru every vein 
Filling up my lungs ..only you understand me the one who takes me high up falling in love all over …then the feeling leaves after calm syph…Just like a first love 
Making sweet love satisfying my every selfish needs, then happy as i am you leave me .. Broken more as i ever been ..gone realizing life even more mote then ever before so called trying to escape it all Hopeless Romantic I am ..so call me Hopeless.

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Specifically life…

Like the rushing blood pumping through my veins,

The same as yours, 

Pulsating every minute around your body,

Like the color of a blushing rose in spring bringing joy to any lucky gal the ones that comes along with chocolate,


Slowly recovering,

Standing up for those who are to scare to speak out their thoughts,

Right now there’s somebody out there not only healing but suffering underneath…


Only cause of their differences, 

Only cause they are not what we call normal, 

Healing from those dried out lonely nights, crying,


That glow from down the path…FAITH

It’s that bright light at the end of the tunnel,

Showing us there is hope for those who don’t see any better side of it,

Don’t feel caught up in the moment where you think you don’t belong,

You are a precious jewel waiting to be carved out from a rock,

Revealing your glow to the public with PRIDE,

Can you tell through my body language of who I truly am? 

I am that individual, who is not afraid of outshining you,

Blue I may not be but serenity is what most should be,

Do not judge me by common stereotypes, But by how i carry myself,

For those who sit and think to themselves and repeat questions in their minds over and over, 

You’re not alone in this cruel dark world…Don’t pound your head with questions

Don’t deny yourself from the crowd you are beautiful

You are you no labels shall say who you are…


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Can you tell through my body language of who I truly am ?

Or you just go by assumptions and make it your final decision ?

Going by the wave of society ..by your neck of the woods,

Nothing so un-normal

Un-normal is what we are to small simple unlettered minds,

Do not judge me by common stereotypes ,

But  by how i carry myself,

I am not afraid i am not ashamed but ashamed i am to say how small you really are,

Taunt me go ahead but i will not be mad fun of or be a joke of your mean dirty small mind games,

Only shall HE judge me therefor You are nothing..

for those who sit and think to themselves and repeat questions in their minds over and over.. 

your not alone in this cruel dark world…

Don’t pound your head with questions

Don’t deny yourself from the crowd you are beautiful you are you

no labels shall say who you are..

out shine and let your colors be bold ..let pour out like a glimpse of light breaking through the dark,

No more shall you linger in the dark but shall you keep your head high up and shot for your wishes,

small innocent young minds …your not alone… We all stand together side by side

and together with pride no longer having to hide …

show your Pride and beliefs … 

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There you go throwing that same ole shit

Heard once..twice..maybe more..whats there to you that i haven’t seen ?

Whats so fresh about you that i should even waist time?

Time invested in something that wot move no where probably .

what if i said I’m feeling you ? you got my friendship?

what if i said i liked you? and how i see you like i have not seen no other nigguh out there.

Yeah you caught my eye at that party we dance we grind and yet i wish you didnt see what you see.. i wish i never did what i did and maybe left with a gift from you?

when i come back i aint like these hoes out here throwing it back ,

deff not so don’t think i’ll be easy it takes more then just a few smiles and kisses and compliments,

slow for other nigguhs cause one like you haven’t passed me and once i got you it ovah..wrap .. gone zip and here i go now arent you smiling ? yeah don’t front nigguh 

life goes and love pures in to mess with our heads and thats one thing i would close out to… been there and once i love i love hard no cheat shit no short cuts .. ALL FULL OUT … no doubt <3…

Now watch yourself if you do lay me down boy cause once your in there make sure to bring your luck game cause its all going down as the light switch goes off ;) 

Now you go and be yourslef and lets see how far we get <3 …That one nigguh back in my city …

Sincerely , Ramon- “Miami”

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Fine as man no doubt,

Tall as man no front,

I approach his looks took me upon along i went into his trap, his gaze! long but quick to reach me,

Words by words he leads himself on and i pulling in closer just for a tighter grip along i brush my cheek on his…yearning for a kiss but here i go long before stopped… lips much appealing farewell … now Stuck here wondering on and fantasize what couldve been like kissing my …..unknown encounter.

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How far will you go ?…

I dare you to take a test !..

No it does not need of any type of paper work,

It only needs you and someone else,

Now take their hands and look into eachothers eyes,

Lets see how long you guys can fool around,

How much of a sweetheart one another can be to the other,

How many kiss’s and hugs, and cute lil texts will it take,

Those long convo’s late night sitting up in bed,

And how far will the messing around will last,

How long will it take until one fails and falls like a fool and the other stays it’s

grounds  with walls built outah of trust issues and their fail at love from the

past…lookinig like a winner.

…Thou the fool was me.


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The First Time..-one night bench-park stand

As i stood there waiting,

The beat of my heart rushing,

Vibrating out of my chest,

Explosion within me couldn’t hold it no more,

As I rose up,there he was,

Tall, Dark handsome,

Oh! what a joy,

My skin crawled, goosebumps down my neck came upon,

What shall i do? 

No need to hesistate,

Oh lord, As I held my screams and yepps,

My mind Rushed,

I lay upon him,

Skin to skin,face to face,

Pleasure….Oh the pleasure within it,

I craved it for it so long, he wanted it now,

His eyes filled with lust,

The feel of masculinity upon my sight,

He pressed me down,

Slapped the cheeks and worked his way in,

I gave myself up like it was all his,

Like I done this before,

Throwing it all over, Up and down,

All dark just one small light hitted upon to us,

Grass along the bench park,

All over ..pants down underneath the moonlight,

Sharp pain at first, then the massaging feeling went in,

Oh my God …The thoughts that came to me,

I laid there just taking in work,

I looked back and a slight kiss and there and here,

As the end came i was satisfied and so was he..and along i went …..How about

that for a first time .. ?

…. Later the smell of intercourse had arrived and i with stuck with thoughts

later..but now Its to begin wit and ready for someone to love ..